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How To Wear Bold Lipstick Color

Despite popular belief, there is a right way to wear bright-colored lipstick. Melanated girls can rock any shade, but there’s a fine line between creativity and special effects make-up—it can get messy fast. You know by now that your Capture Cosmetic friends will not leave you hanging

How To Conceal Blemishes

Melanated skin is glorious— it’s special, but even with all its glory, it’s most vulnerable to acne, dark spots, post-acne-scarring, and other discoloring skin conditions. Although melanin serves as some protection from UV light, spending time in the sun can worsen hyperpigmentation.

How To Create Cat Eye

When it comes to beating your face, eye makeup can be the most intimidating method to master, but once you have the basics down, it’s time to turn up the heat and practice different techniques to bring your makeup look to the next level.

Celebrating Women’s Beautiful Shades

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